Book Review: The Mighty Odds by Amy Ignatow





This book gets high marks from me because of funny lines and realistic teenage characters who just happen to have superpowers. The true strength of the books lies in the telling of how they get the powers, how they use the powers and how they work through their stereotyped roles.

It’s part one of a series, and readers of this blog know how much I hate a series.  I do appreciate that the author ended this episode and left me interested in reading more – not irritated by a cliffhanger.


28 Tips for a Fearless Grade 6 by Catherine Austen

Sweet, funny and totally age-appropriate.  I think the best readers for this book are grade 6 boys, and maybe even a few girls.   Trick #2:  “Girls like boys who like to dance,” leads 6th grader Dave to cure his friend of his fear of dancing.  This leads to other cures and more tips spanning the entire school year. Some favorites:
#9 – “If it’s exciting, it’s probably not allowed in school.”
#25 -“At any given moment around the world, something terrifying is happening.”

Date finished: 12.14.14

Lexile : 480

Interest:  grades 5-7

Source:  ARC from publisher

Publication date: 3.19.2014