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As a lifelong reader and devourer of books I’ve created this site to connect and share with those who have the same passion I do.
I am a reading specialist in Rhode Island and read both for my own pleasure and for the benefit of my students. Being part of a the RI Teen Book Awards committee encourages me to find what is new and notable in YA literature.


One thought on “About

  1. Marsha September 14, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    Hi Rhode Reader, I saw your blog listed in the Book Review Directory. I blog and write, and noticed that most reviewers work hard reading and writing reviews, but don’t get much traffic for all that work, including myself. Like Ryan Lanz, I’d like to feature your work on my site. Each week I feature a specific genre. If you have a book review for that genre post the link in the comment section. I will visit it and list all the links the next week and on my link page as well. You don’t have to read another book, but publicize a post you’ve already created. Yeah!!! I read that you review biographies. Here is a link for memoirs. http://wp.me/p7tP3I-eS.There is no catch. I’m retired, love to read and blog for fun. Marsha 🙂


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