Review: Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell





What a dark and lyrical book.  I didn’t think those two went together until I read this book.  Parts of the prose seem like poems and the descriptions of the raw lifestyle of the Dolly clan and absolutely visceral.

Keening blue wind was bringing weather back into the sky, dark clouds gathering at the far edge of sight, carrying frosty wet for later.


I read this book for the Read Harder 2016 challenge task:  Read a book that was made into a move.  Compare.  I don’t think I am going to watch the movie.  This was a tough story and I don’t really need the visual.  Instead I read this great article by Tina Estlin Page on Lit Review.  It’s got spoilers, so don’t go there if you haven’t read the book!


I have a feeling that this is an excellent audiobook.



Source:  Well-worn paperback from the public library

Audience:  Adults

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