Book Review: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson



Jon Ronson jumps right into his field of interest- how do we define a psychopath?  It turns out, there’s a checklist to follow.  You can find that list online.  I find this a bit strange.  Do people take tests like this to identify themselves?  Or do they apply the questions to others?  Creepy

This book was both interesting and amusing  The author really inserts himself into the story- something I like in a nonfiction text.  It moves the text beyond informational and into experiential.  Ronson meets the author of the test, Dr. Robert Hare and gets “trained” to apply the test.  And then he applies it everywhere.

Check out the author’s TED talk here.


I read this book for my Read Harder Challenge task:  Read a nonfiction book about science.


Source:  Public Library

Audience:  Adults


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