Book Review: You’re Welcome Universe

You’re Welcome Universe

by Whitney Gardner


I really like a book that teaches me something new.  I love a book that teaches me something without hitting me over the head with it.  This debut novel immerses the reader in the Deaf community while exploring love, friendship and family.  Oh, and  graffiti art.  I’m completely fascinated by this and now I’m looking at trains and walls in a new way.

When Julia is expelled from her private school for vandalism/protecting a friend she is plunged into the hearing world without much preparation.  Despite her wish to stay disconnected she does make a friend and an enemy.

When her graffiti is defaced by another artist a war begins that challenges Julia to redefine herself as an artist and community member.


I read this as a digital ARC.  I’m planning to pick it up in print so that I can see the illustrations more clearly – although the final ebook copy may be better than the ARC.



Expected Publication:  March 7, 2017

Source:  ARC from publisher

Audience:  High school – could be 8th grade but for one mature scene


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