Review: Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist


What a delight! A great pick for high school or old middle school readers, Love and First Sight is truly a charmer. 17 year old Will is attending public school for the first time. Blind since birth, Will manages to navigate his world with skills and strategies honed in his years at a school for blind children. He learns to balance his need for independence with his need for community, he learns that he does have vision even if he does not have sight.
The author does a number of things well: Cecily explains art and perspective to Will in a way that helped me to see more clearly. Will’s understanding of the world is clearly developed and (I think) authentic. The reader gets a sense of how people who are blind experience daily life. And finally, There are no stereotypical characters too often used to pad the story in YA literature. I enjoyed each of Will’s friends and their quirky individuality.

Source:  ARC from publisher

Publication date:  January 17, 2017

Audience:  Teens – grade 8 and up


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