A (Chilly) Blast From the Past

Creepy books are a rite of passage for most readers.  I remember finding Carrie in 9th grade and being completely consumed by the story.  This led me to read piles of Stephen King novels and lots of sleepless nights.  (Cujo still haunts my dreams)












Recently, I read a great article on the Mental Floss website – a great source of interesting tidbits without the obnoxious ads many sites are cluttered with.  Go check it out, but don’t forget to come back here!

Have you read any of these gems?1325218












Did you know that they have been on the ALA list of most challenged books for years?  That just makes kids want to read them more.  Says Schwartz:   “…this is traditional material and that, in addition, it has developed a lot of interest in reading.”


Cruise on over to Mental Floss to read the whole article, and then check out the Scary Stories website.  Many of the stories can be read online.  Post your favorite (or scariest) in the comments.

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