Moo by Sharon Creech


Have you ever seen a Belted Galloway (aka Beltie) Cow? We call them Oreo Cows and my kids used to yell MOO every single time we saw them.

This latest book from Sharon Creech is sure to find an audience with both city kids and country kids.  The familiar narrative structure of kids in a new place being compelled to help someone and thus learning about their true selves really feels fresh in this text.  I liked that Reena and Luke both have many gifts to offer their sour new neighbor Mrs. Falala.  Often times the kids are the only ones who benefit for these relationships but Creech makes it a two way affect.

The mix of verse and prose works well.  An entire book in verse can feel forced or even unnecessary, but the blend here is really authentic. The verse is sprinkled throughout the book and across the pages.  Another authentic piece:  Luke is definitely  a child with challenges, but his differences are simply a matter of life and not the whole focus.


On Sale  8/30/2016


Source:  ARC from publisher

Audience:  Truly a middle grade novel.  5-6-7-8 boys and girls

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