Devil In A Blue Dress by Walter Mosely



I picked this book up to satisfy a task on my Read Harder Challenge.  The task:  Read the first book in a series by a person of color.  I have to say, I am likely to pick up the next one!  I really enjoy series reading.  I like the idea of meeting a character and then learning more about them and seeing them become more real in book after book.  Characters like Spenser and Kinsey Milhone are familiar friends I enjoy spending time with.  Time to add Easy Rawlins to the list.

Things to like about reading this series:

  1.  There are at least 12 books already published and the wait at the library is sure to be short.
  2. The Post WWII setting is a bit out of my comfort zone – always a good idea I think.
  3. Easy has lots of neat side characters to interact with.  This creates  a realistic feel to a series.  They supporting cast helps the reader to understand the main character so much more.
  4. The story was complicated and hard to follow which is good for me as I can be a lazy reader.

What series do you enjoy?  Please comment so I can add to my massive TBR list!

Source:  A very old and decrepit public library book

Audience:  adults

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