I am Princess X by Cherie Priest


Internet Geeks, this is your book. In addition to some great artwork the author uses twitter, tumblr and all kinds of techy references to move this story along.

I think a lot of readers will be drawn (nice pun) to the plot of this book. What if your dead best friend isn’t really dead? What if you got to use your fantastic creative brain to go on a quest and solve a mystery? I thought the use of technology was really well balanced with traditional problem solving. I also enjoyed the art work – plenty of clues for the reader to think alongside the characters.

This is a great book for readers who are willing to work hard alongside the characters to figure out the clues.

Of course, there is a Tumblr for the book.

Scribd is hosting an excerpt.


Audience:  High school and new adult

Source:  hardcover from the public library.  I wonder if the ebook is enhanced in any way?

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