Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson



Roller Girl is an excellent addition to the middle grade graphic novel collection. I think this book will appeal mainly to preteens, and especially to girls who feel like they don’t fit the stereotypical mold for 12 year olds. Astrid’s story about growing up and moving on from a friend is perfectly situated in the story of her foray into roller derby. The author does a fine job of explaining the sport and making Astrid a realistic beginner.  I hate it when book characters are instantly successful at new sports.  And I really want to go see roller derby now!

The author has a great excerpt on her site – perfect to pull in those reluctant reader!

Check out the Scholastic trailer here.

The excellent folks at The Rhode Island Center for the Book have chosen Roller Girls for the 2016 One State One Book initiative.  Imagine all kids in grades 3-6 having a book in common?

Source:  school library

Audience : grades 6 and up


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