Save Me, Kurt Cobain by Jenny Mazer

Nicola (call me Nico) is struggling to accept the loss of her mother.  It’s been 11 years and the sense of abandonment had not lessened. Music is her solace and escape.  She’s discovered grunge about 15 years after the peak and she revels in the dark poetry of Nirvana.  A series of small discoveries leads her to believe that Kurt Cobain is her father.  She goes on a  frighteningly dangerous adventure to find out more and winds up wandering Seattle on her own while the her frantic father searches for her. I love how much her Dad loves her, but it makes me sad that he and Nico are so distant from each other. This book should come with a playlist, but barring that, here’s a link to some YouTube Nirvana videos.

Source:  ARC

Audience:  Middle school and up


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