The Head of the Saint by Socorro Acioli

Following his mother’s death, 14 year old Samuel travels through the wilderness of Brazil to fulfill her dying wishes.  He’s got some candles to light and a father to find (and maybe kill).  As the opens he is staggering along the road, nearly dead from hunger and thirst.  Don’t let that stop you from reading on.  This is actually a cheerful, hopeful book.  Samuel finds himself living the in the hollow head of a giant statue, listening to the prayers of the local women.  At first, he’s trying to make some money and a quick getaway.  How and why he stays make up the heart of this book.  The narrative structure moves back and forth in time, and some of the names are easy to mix up. The excellent story is worthy of your efforts.

A good pick for grades 8 and up.

Source:  ARC from publisher

Publication Date:  March 8, 2016


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