The Arsonist by Sue Miller

When Frankie Rowley returns to the US after 15 years working for an NGO in Africa she struggles with the temporary nature of her lifestyle. No home, no partner, no place to belong. Her aging parents are struggling with this feeling of transience as well. After a lifetime of moving from college town to college town they have chosen to settle in an old family vacation home; making the switch from summer people to year rounders. But as a health crisis emerges their relationship changes, as does Frankie’s relationship with them.
I enjoyed the slow pace of this book, finding myself re-reading phrases and pages. While I wasn’t completely satisfied by the ending, I did note about halfway though that I really had no interest who the arsonist was. Sue Miller has created a marvelous setting and intricate character relationships.

The publisher has tagged this Mystery/Suspense.  I’ll tag it the way I read it:   Literary Fiction.
Thanks to the public library for making this book FREE for me and everyone else.

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