Not if I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

Parker is witty, sarcastic, loyal, athletic and blind.  She lives her life as independently as possible, expecting everyone in her world to follow her rules.  (The rules are listed early in the book and it pays to bookmark the page so you can refer back).

At the start of her Junior year Parker is juggling many changes:  her high school has been combined with another school, bringing her former best friend (and maybe boyfriend) back into her life.  The story of how they became enemies is unrolled carefully and is quite believable.  The biggest change of all is the loss of her father.  Her aunt, uncle, and cousins have moved in and upset Parker’s carefully ordered routine.

It’s hard to believe this is a debut novel.  I wonder how many books Eric Lindstrom has written but not published?  I say this because the book is so well written.  All the characters are fully developed and there aren’t any glaring holes in the plot.  I like that Parker’s blindness doesn’t  keep her from dealing with normal teen trauma/drama – it only adds another layer.

The book is due to be published in the Fall of 2015.  My review is based on an ARC provided to me by the author.


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