The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story by RJ Palacio

Let me be up front with you, I LOVED the book Wonder by RJ Palacio.  I have read it aloud to no less than 10 classes.  It’s a long book, so reading it aloud is a significant commitment.  It was worth every minute.  I own the hardcover and the audio book.  When it comes to this story, I mean business.

Don’t read this book until you finish Wonder- the whole story would be a spoiler. And if you haven’t read Wonder, go check out this excellent book trailer.

One thing that makes it a standout book is the many characters and the perspective they bring to the story.  Even so, we don’t get everyone’s side of the story.  One character we never really get any depth from is Julian, the villain of the piece.  When I saw this audio book at my local library I did not hesitate to snatch it up.

It’s much shorter than Wonder, and it does get a little slow in the middle, but still worth your time and effort.

Source:  Public Library


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