The Romney and Marsh Files by Oliver Tidy

I just realized I never shared my reviews for Oliver Tidy’s most excellent mystery books  I discovered the books on  The first book in each series is free, and the later books are fairly priced.  I’ve read my share of free “books” from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You won’t see many of them reviewed here because the quality is simply not there.  Oliver Tidy is surely the exception.  Here are my thoughts on Romney and Marsh.

In March 2013 I said this about Romney and Marsh #1, Rope Enough

I think this is the start of a great new series! The author reveals enough about the detective to make me want to know them more. Good pace for the investigation and a satisfying ending. I’ve already started book 2, Making a Killing.

And then this about # 2, Making a Killing

The second Romney and Marsh file lived up to my expectations. I enjoy the complex plot and the increasing character development. Looking forward to the third book.

And finally this about #3 Joint Enterprise

I loved this series and I hope the author gives us another. The first two books were free and this one was cheap! Spend a little money so he will keep publishing!

And then a whole year later, in March 2014, I read #4, A Dog’s Life

The Romney and Marsh files are an excellent choice for fans of both detective novels and the police procedural. The Dover CID walk a thin line between lawful and lawless, always motivated by their drive to catch the bad guy. This, the fourth book in the Romney and Marsh series, has what it takes to move the series forward. As we learn more about Romney, his worries, motivations, history, the reader can feel good about liking and disliking this carefully drawn character. The murder mystery in this episode does not disappoint – it is complicated, clever, and essentially believable

Mr.Tidy tells us that #5 is in the final stages of publication.  I’ll be scooping that up the day it comes out!

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