Counting to D by Kate Scott

I recently finished Kate Scott’s excellent book The Evolution of Emily, and I realized that I never blogged her first book, Counting to D.

Dyslexia, personified. Sam is a gifted teenager, able to complete college classes as a high school sophomore. When she transfers to a new school she decides to hide her secret: She cannot read. Her many coping strategies along with her amazing memory for sound allow her to excel – until teachers start looking a little closer. As Sam begin to acknowledge her disability she also learns how to be a friend to the students at her new school. Three things I loved about this book: Adults are not completely stupid. They help and care about the teens in their lives. No overly mature activity, even at the prom. Well rounded teens – no one is just smart or just popular or just nerdy. I highly recommend this book to grade 7 and up.

Date finished: February, 2014

Interest:  grades 7 and up

Source:  ARC from publisher

Publication date: February, 2014



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