The Evolution of Emily by Kate Scott

Another great coming-of-age and coming-to-terms-with-your-life story from Kate Scott, author of Counting to D.
16 year old Emily makes the momentous decision to defy her agoraphobic mother and attend the local high school.  Once she gets there she discovers that none of her mother’s fears are real:  no mean cheerleaders or obnoxious jocks in this school.  Instead, Kate Scott creates a school full of real people, people who have many aspects to their personalities.  The smartest girl in the school can’t read.  The perky cheerleader really is nice, and would love some help with her science class.  Emily discovers that although people are friendly, she has no idea how to make a friend or how to be a friend.  Some slightly mature activity makes this book a high school pick.  

Date finished: November 13, 2014

Interest:  grades 9 and up

Source:  an email, directly from the author. (not gonna lie, that made my day)

Publication date: November 2014


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