Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

I binge-read this book.  Is that a thing, binge-reading?  Well, it is now.  I read this cover-to-cover in one evening.  I stopped in the middle to text a friend about it, saying “It is truly amazing.”  So amazing that I am making a list of reasons why I liked it.

1.  It’s an autobiography (so few good ones for middle school)

2.  It’s written in verse

3.  It covers the Civil Rights Movement in a deeply personal way

4.  It tells the story of a strong woman

5.  This wonderful writer was a struggling learner

6.  The verse is so lovely, it begs re-reading

7.  Music is embedded in the narrative.  Every lyric brings the melody to my mind

Date finished: 11.18.14

Lexile : 990

Interest:  grades  7 and up

Source:  The Public Library

Publication date: 9.28.14


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