Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

I was absolutely thrilled to tell my students that Raina Telgemeier is back with another book.  Two of them have already read it and a third is digging in.
As with Smile and Drama, this graphic novel captures a time in the author’s life in thoughtful way. Mom and kids set out on a cross-country trip during which Raina examines her relationship with her sister, Amara.  Cleverly drawn flashback scenes show a real family’s growing pains. Kids will identify with both Raina and Amara as they try to get along with each other and the extended family.

If you have a graphic novel fan in your life be sure to show them Raina’s excellent website.

Date finished: July 26, 2014

Interest:  grades 5-8

Source:  ARC

Publication date: August, 2014


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