5 Things I Love About the Public Library

1. It’s free. So obvious, but so important. I was a voracious reader as a child and buying books was seldom an option in our single-income household.

2. It’s local. Many of my students can walk to a library in our community. This is so important when the adults go to work and the kids are left to fill their summer days. Our town has three branches with lots of operating hours. We are lucky and I try to appreciate that.

3. It’s networked. Here in Rhode Island all of the public libraries share collections. Inter-library loan allows us access to many more books than a single town library could ever offer us.

4. It’s online. I can sit in my jammies and request books to my heart’s content. They send me an email when the book is ready. Seriously, it’s like having a personal shopper for books.

5. It’s multi-faceted. Ebooks. DVDs. Audiobooks. Magazines. Museum passes. Cookbooks I want to try before I buy. There are probably many more things I don’t know about.

Want to be a public library power user? Check out this excellent post from Book Riot.  And then click around the site and find tons of books to request at your library.

What do you love about your public library?

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